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James G. Ford was born ca. 1830 in Bledsoe County, TN.  He married Catherine ? who was born ca. 1837 and by April, 1866 they are both deceased as Reuben Wm. is appointed guardian of their five orphaned  boys.  The five children were:

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) i. ROBERT F FORD, born 1853 in Ark., is the oldest son of James G. and Catherine Ford. He died in 1929 and is buried in San Bois Cemetery, Kinta, Okla., Haskell County, beside his brother, JOHN WALKER FORD.  He moved to OK. a few years before his death to be with John W.  He was a farmer and apple grower, and possibly in the Civil War.  He had a terrible wound to his arm from being injured.   He married in 1875  to SUSAN E. MCGRAW, dtg. of JOHN and MARTHA A. MCGRAW.   The couple lived on the homestead of his parents.  They had two children, possibly more.  They are:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)MARTHA C FORD born 1879

cherry.gif (992 bytes)"ROME" JEROME FORD, born 1882.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) ii. JOHN WALKER FORD, born 26 Aug 1855 in Ark., died 9 Jan 1932 in Haskell Cnty. Okla.  He is buried in Kinta, OK., San Bois, Haskell County.  He once lived in Hackett, Ark. and owned a cotton gin and was a lawman there.  He married 3 times and produced two sets of families.  He was married 29 Jul 1877 in Sebastian County Ark. to IDA F MAURIN/MOREN, who was born ca.1861; and once they divorce, she remarries a ? LONGMIRE & has twin sons, FRED & ED, with this man.  She and John Walker Ford have 5 children, which he keeps with him once they divorce. They are:

cherry.gif (992 bytes) ZELMA FORD  (shows up as Thelma in some doc.) born 7 Aug 1898. Married ELMER (J.E.) SHEPERD

cherry.gif (992 bytes) RICHARD (DICK) FORD, born 4 Feb 1882 and died 28 Sept 1910.   Married MINNIE  or OLIE?

cherry.gif (992 bytes) TOM J. (JIMMIE) FORD  He may be oldest but no vitals and may die young.

 cherry.gif (992 bytes) MILLARD FILLMORE FORD, born Feb 1884 and died 1940 in Calif.   Married FLUTE JANE MILLS.  She was born in 1886 and dieid 17 Apr 1937.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) GERTIE (GERTRUDE) FORD, born 1 Aug 1887 and died 12 March 1976.  Married WILLIAM HENRY "HAL" POWELL.  He was born 18 Sep 1883 and died 15 Mar 1977.

JOHN WALKER FORD secondly married   LIZZIE MOORE on 15 Dec 1889 in Crawford County, AR.  She was born in Oct 1872 in Mulberry, AR., Franklin County and died abt. 1909 in Kinta, OK.  They had the following children:

wpe1.jpg (802 bytes) SARAH FORD, born 24 Sept  1890 and died 28 Jan 1920.   Married FRED MILLS, born 5 May 1882 and died 5 Nov   1918.

wpe2.jpg (802 bytes) FOIL FORD, born 4  Sept   1892 and died 6 Aug 1942.  Married ZELLA HOLMES, born 1893.

wpe3.jpg (802 bytes) MODIE FORD  born 20 Feb 1895 and died 3 Nov 1918.  He died in World War I.  he didn't marry by supposedly when he left for service there was a young woman carrying his child.  The child, also named Modie, was living in CA in the 1970's.

wpe4.jpg (802 bytes) DELLA (Flora Della) FORD, born 28 Oct 1902 and died  June 1946.  She married WALTER RICHMOND.

wpe5.jpg (802 bytes) JOHN D ROCKEFELLOW FORD born 4 Dec 1906 and died 12 May 1969.  He married NEOMA SPESSARD.

wpe6.jpg (802 bytes) ALTA "ALTIE" EDNA FORD, born 7 Sept 1909 and died 9 Oct 1980.   She married WADIE WILSON on 12 Dec 1927.

wpe7.jpg (802 bytes) GRACE FORD, no vitals but dies young.

JOHN WALKER FORD'S  third wife was ALICE MILLER (don't have her maiden name).  They had no children of their own   but he raised her daughters.  She had at least two dtgs. LAURA MILLER and no name for other one.

**According to a granddtg. of John Walker Ford, "he had black hair, brown eyes and a mustache but he didn't look Indian and had always thought he came from a French background.  He always carried a pistol and she liked him very much but you knew when to keep your distance from him. He was stern and kept things the way he wanted them and she knew that probably no one bothered him." Quote from granddtg. Edna Pearl Richmond Brady.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) iii. James Ford (born ca.1857, Washington County, possibly Elm Springs, AR, died 4 Sept 1869)  James was accidentally shot in the head by his Grandfather, Reuben Wm. Ford.  The following article was extracted from the FAYETTEVILLE DEMOCRAT (9/4/69) Newspaper:
FORD GRANDSON - Last Wed. Mr. Reubin (note yet another different spelling) Ford, who lives near Elm Springs, while out turkey hunting, shot and killed his little grandson. They became separated while hunting in the woods and on coming together the rustling made in the leaves caused each to think himself in the vicinity of a turkey and Mr. Ford, being near and hearing the whistle, peered through the rush and seeing something move, fired at it. On reaching the spot he was horrified to find his grandson weltering in blood with a bullet hole just below the left eye. On being taken to a house and the wound dressed he lingered a short time and died. It is feared that Mr. F. will never recover from the effects of the shock.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) iv. Andrew J. Ford, Sr. (born Feb 1858, died 1911)

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) v. Charlie C. Ford (born 7 Nov 1861, Washington, AR, died 23 June 1923) He married 22 Dec 1889 in Lower District of Sebastian County Ark., Bk298 toMAHALA   "MAUDE" CHAPLAIN, born 13 Nov 1869 in Ark, the dtg. of DANIEL and MAGGIE E. CHAPLAIN.  She died 5 Nov 1953 in Howe, Okla., Leflore County. OK.

CHARLIE C FORD, born 7 Nov 1861 in Ark. was thrown from his horse,  where he then lay for 2/3 days with a broken back before dying on 23 June 1923 in Calhoun, Okla. near Poteau in Leflore County.   He is buried beside his wife in Shady Point, OK. He once bought the Queen Wilemina Inn near Mena, Ark. for taxes and he and family lived there for a number of years.   His plan during this time, though never realized, was to open the Inn back up to the public.  The Inn is in operation at the present time, having been restored in the late 60's or 1970s.  Charlie took his nephew Andrew Ford in as a baby and raised him as his own son.

She and Charlie had three children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)HURENDON H. "HUNK" FORD, born 16 Sept 1890, died 18 July 1991.

cherry.gif (992 bytes)MAGGIE C. FORD, Jan 1896 and died 28 Jan 1942.

cherry.gif (992 bytes)EVA FORD, born in 1903 and died in 1964.


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