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ANDREW JACKSON FORD(SR) was born Feb 1858 in Ark. and died 10 Nov 1911 in Spiro, Okla which is in Leflore County.  He married FANNIE K. HENDRIX 20 Nov 1884 in Ft. Smith, Ark, Sebastian County.

He was supposedly an Asst. US Deputy Marshal, although not proven and a farmer. He died a few days after his wife died from pneumonia and Lagrippe or flu, as did she.

Fannie was born in June 1868 in Ark. and they are buried beside one another in New Hope Cemetery in Spiro, Leflore County, Okla.  They had 11 children and all lived to adulthood.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) i.  CHARLIE R FORD,  born Sept. 1885 and died 16 Dec. 1918 from Influenza.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes)  ii. NANNIE KATHYRN FORD born 6 July 1887 and died 15 June 1948 from cancer.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) iii.  ROBERT LEE "LEE" FORD born 30 Oct. 1889 and died 6 July 1907 from drowning in Poteau River.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) iv.  CARRIE E FORD born Feb. 1891 and died in 1941/43

treebullet.gif (236 bytes)  v. G. CLEVELAND "CLEVE" FORD born 5 Mar 1894 and died in the mid 70's in Arizona.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes)  vi. OTTIE/AUTIE MAE FORD, born 25 April 1895 and died 6 Jan. 1977

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) vii. DEWEY J FORD born 16 Sept. 1898 and died 6 Dec. 1990 in Texas

treebullet.gif (236 bytes)  viii. JOHNNY WILLIAM FORD, born 7 June 1904 and died 21 March 1975

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) ix. JIMMIE FORD born 7 Jan. 1905 and died 27 Feb. 1975

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) x. JESSIE B FORD born 14 Aug. 1906 and died 3 Aug. 1970. She was instituionalized in Pauls Valley at a young age after falling from porch and injuring her brain. She was very blonde and fair.

treebullet.gif (236 bytes) xi. ANDREW "ANDY" JACKSON FORD JR born 5 Jan 1909 and died 13 July 1976 in Fort Smith, Ark., Sebastian County. 


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