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(The following is excerpted from the Chattanooga Free Press, TN.)
Adam Maddux acquired a 160 acre grant just after the Indian Removal in the section of Hamilton County, TN. that was later taken off for James County. He later acquired part interest in Dallas Island but it was here he met his death. A son and three sons-in-law fought for the Union in the Civil War.
Adam Maddux who was born in the vicinity of Cocke County, TN., in 1816, was the son of another Adam Maddux and his wife, Rachel.

The Maddux line is said to go back to the ancient House of Madog in the district of Brecon, Wales, along the River Usk.  Alexander Maddux sailed to America on the Abraham of London in the latter part of 1635. He married Eleanor White in 1659. His will in Northampton, VA. lists his sons Thomas, alexander and Lazarus and daughters Elizabeth and Ann.
Lazarus Maddux died in Maryland in 1715, leaving sons Thomas, Lazarus, Daniel, alexander and William and daughters Mary, Sarah, Eleanor and Elizabeth.
When Thomas Maddux died at Prince william County, VA., in 1746, he left sons Thomas, Matthew, Lazarus, Scofield, william and Nathaniel and daughters Easter, Sally, Fanny Garrison and Darkes Jones. It was this line that made its way to the vicinity of Cosby, TN., before Tennessee was a state.
The Madduxes were members of Big Pigeon Baptist Church. Rachel Maddux is mentioned in the church records in 1826 when she and Nancy Allen cited Agnes Fry for adultery. Fifty acres were surveyed for Adam Maddux, Sr.,  in 1831 on the south side of Big Pigeon River near Ground Hog Creek.

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ADAM MADDUX  married  MARY ANN "POLLY" CAMPBELL.  According to the  Maddux Bible, they had 9 children.  They are:

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)i.  PHOEBE CAROLINE MADDUX, born 20 Jan 1838 & died 30 July 1898

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)ii.  AMANDA MADDUX, born 29 Dec 1839 & died 16 Aug. 1870

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)iii.  CYNTHIA AVALINE MADDUX, born 20 Jan  1842 & died 11 Jan 1920

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)iv. JOHN CAMPBELL MADDUX, born 24 Nov 1843 & died 16 Apr 1925

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)v. WILLIAM DENNY MADDUX, born 15 Feb 1845 & died 24 March 1882

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)vi.  SAMUEL ANDERSON MADDUX, born 31 May 1848 & died  May 1891

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)vii.  NANCY MURTILLA MADDUX, born 26 Oct 1850 & died 18 Oct 1900

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)viii. . MARY ADELINE MADDUX, born 23 Feb 1853 & died 2 Feb 1871

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)ix.  ROBERT HYSELOP MADDUX, born 15 Dec 1854 & died 24 May 1916

On my MOON side, which is my maternal side from Tennessee:

My great-grandfather, THOMAS JONAS, born 12 Nov 1845, came  from a POSEY MOON, born 26 May 1816 in TN. His full name is JONAS POSEY.  He died 14 Aug 1877 in Friendship Community & is buried in the church cemetery. This Posey's father was JONAS & mother was LYDIA "LIDDIE BURKE".

Posey Moon married Lucinda Caroline Johnson & had 11 children (I don't know where my grandmother Moon Hicks got this but in her Bible she has that Lucinda was baptised Marie Caroline so this is a discepancy ...this part was written in in her old age which may explain it somewhat)  The children of these 2 are:

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)i. MARY MOON, born 25 July 1839 & died 5 July 1859

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)ii.  LYDIA JANE MOON, born  30 Dec 1841 & died 15 Aug 1890.  She married a SAMUEL J. HENRY.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)iii. THOMAS JONAS MOON, born  12 Nov 1845 & died 21 Dec 1921 in Hollis, OK.   He married my great grandmother NANCY MURTILLA MADDUX 13 Oct 1866 in Hamilton Cnty, TN.  (My Grandmother had Nancy's middle name spelled Matilia but I notice the Bible spelling from Madduxs has it as Murtilla )  My grandmother Moon Hicks, who descends from these 2 was named Myrtle Viola Moon ( probably derived from Murtilla?) Nancy Maddux Moon died in 1900.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)iv.  HARRIET SOPHIA MOON, born 12 Nov 1847 & died 6 Aug 1924.  She married WILLIAM DENNY MADDUX on 22 Feb 1866 in Hamilton Cnty.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)v. WILLIAM HARVEY MOON, born 20 May 1850 in TN & died 15 April 1920 in AR.   His spouse was MATTIE J. CRAIGHEAD, born 30 April 1881 in Meigs Cnty. TN.   Another researcher had him born in 1848?

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)vi.  NANCY CAROLINE MOON, born  23 Aug 1853 in TN & died 14 Aug 1902.  She married WILLIAM M HENRY.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)vii.  JAMES NOAH MOON, born 29 Oct 1858 & died 14 Sept 1939 in Magazine, AR in Revilee township. He is buried in Old Union Cemetery (as is my Nancy Maddux Moon) in Logan Cnty, AR and he also married a Craighead, Georgia Josephine.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)viii.  INFANT DTG. MOON, born 17 Nov 1855 & died 27 Dec 1855.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)ix.  SARAH E MOON, born 22 Feb 1857 & died 5 Oct 1857.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)x.  JOHN P. MOON, born 17 Jan 1861 & died 9 Dec 1939.  He married #1 Harriet Johnson & #2. Betty Rowen.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)xi.  MARTHA M MOON, born 20 March 1863 & died 27 Aug 1863.


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