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Reuben was born   1802/06 Virginia, Fluvanna County.  He died by Oct 1888 in Colville township, Benton County, AR   (This is where papers were filed in probate court listing Reuben's heirs)
Reuben  is married by 1824, in E.Tenn. to SUSANNAH/SUSAN LODEN, who was born in 1802 in VA.  She is deceased by the  Oct 1888 probate paper filing  but alive in 1870 census.
Reuben Ford and Susannah Loden had the following children:

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) i. WILLIAM FORD, born ca. 1824 in TN and deceased before 1888.  He is married by 1849, possibly in TN and first child born in TN.  WILLIAM FORD lived in Washington County Ark., Elm Springs township in 1860, 1870 census. He was probably in the Civil War. I found a Wm. Ford, member of Co. F of Gordon's Regt of Ark Cavalry, but cannot prove this is mine.   No proof but he may have died 30 March 1888 in Crawford County. His wife, Elizabeth, lives here at least after his death.  His occupation is a Blacksmith.   WILLIAM FORD marries either an ELIZABETH REED or ELIZABETH BINGHAM, probably REED.   They had at least 7 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes) NANCY F. FORD, born 1848 in TN.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) SUSAN C. FORD born in 1852/54 in AR.  *1st child of this family to be born in Ark.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) WILLIAM G. FORD, born 1854/55 (middle initial poss. S)

cherry.gif (992 bytes) M. JANE FORD, born 1857.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) MARY E. FORD born 1859.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) S.E. FORD (does  not list whether male or female) born ca. 1862.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) A.V or N. FORD, born 1866.

**In 1850 census, a NANCY REED, born 1789 in Georgia lives in home of Wm. & Elizabeth.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)ii. JOHN D FORD, born  July 1827 in Grassy Cove, Tenn., Bledsoe County.   He died 13 Nov 1913 in Colville township, Benton County, Ark.  He is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery beside his wife and son, Joseph. It is said that Reuben and Susannah Ford are buried here too in one of the unmarked graves. John married by 1852 based on first child's birth to MARGARET JANE "JANE" COLVILLE, born abt. 1832 in probably McMinnville, Tenn. . They have 4 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)JOSEPH C. FORD (JOECEPHUS on death certificate) was born Jan 1852 in Benton County Ark., buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery after dying Aug 1915.  He donated the material for the Mt. Hebron Church where Reuben & Susannah Ford are buried, along with John D. and Margaret J. Colville Ford. "JOE" as he was called, was married 2 times.  He married 31 Aug 1876 in Benton County Ark. to MARGARET S QUINTON, born 27 Dec 1855 and died 30 April 1903.  They have 6 children: WALTER FORD, born March 1878 and died in 1950s;  JOHN ELBERT FORD, born 12 Feb 1880 and died 30 Oct 1952; JODIE LEE FORD, born 1883 and died 20 Jan 1893; CALLIE FORD, born Oct 1882; MAGGIE FORD born July 1884, and died 5 may 1958; BUD FORD born 17 March 1888 and died 13 April 1971. Bud married EMMA HAYNES-PETTIT  abt. 1907 and she died 31 Jan 1908 after giving birth to twin boys who are buried with her in one grave in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Colville, Ark.

cherry.gif (992 bytes)LEVA FORD born ca.1860

cherry.gif (992 bytes)MATTIE JANE FORD Dec 1864 and died Feb 1907

cherry.gif (992 bytes)"BOB" ROBERT LEE FORD, born Aug 1866 in Colville township, Benton Cnty. Ark. was married in 1892 to ANN (VALARIA ANN) SHAFFER born 1870 in Benton County Ark. She died in 1934. He died in 1953 and is buried in Cave Springs Ark., Benton Cnty. He ran the phone co. & owned a restaurant.   They had 4 children: SAMUEL L FORD, born May 1895; RODIA FORD, born 15 Mar 1897 and died 14 June 1985; NORA MARGARET FORD born 1 June 1898 and died in winter of 1997; NOBLE FORD, born ca. 1903.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes)iii. MELISSA FORD  born  abt. 1827 in Grassy Cove, Tenn., Bledsoe County.   She died by 1913 according to Civil War Pension Committee, Little Rock, Ark.   She drew pension from her husband SAMUEL COLVILLE in 1912 from Civil War, none in 1913.  She is married by 1857/58 to Samuel, who was born 1826 and died 15 Oct  1868 in Lowell,Benton County, Ark, where he died at home. He is buried with wife Melissa in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Colville community, Benton County, Ark. He was a Civil War Soldier dying eventually from his wounds.  His father was JOSEPH COLVILLE and mother was ANN GAMBLE.  The couple had 5 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)SARAH A COLVILLE born 1857

cherry.gif (992 bytes)SAMUEL ROBERT (S.R.) COLVILLE born July 1861 and died 26 Jan 1933

cherry.gif (992 bytes)MARY J COLVILLE b 1856/59 and died in 1942

cherry.gif (992 bytes)JOHN COLVILLE born 1865

cherry.gif (992 bytes)NATHANIEL COLVILLE born ca 1868

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) iv.  JAMES FORD  born ca. 1830, Bledsoe County, TN.  He married Catherine ? born 1837 and both are deceased by 1866.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) v.  RUFUS S. FORD (RUSSERFERD S) born 1833 in Grassy Cove,   Bledsoe County, TN.   He is deceased  18 Sept 1863 from a fatal foot injury when wounded in the war according to Civil War papers.  He married  ELINOR ENNIS on 24 Dec 1854 in Washington County Ark. She was the daughter of JOHN RILEY ENNIS and SUSANNA AARON.  John R. Ennis was shot and killed by members of the Tom Beard gang who approached him in a corn field as he was kneeling to pray.  His son Isiah was hiding behind some bushes and witnessed the killing and later tracked them down to kill them. They have 2 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)WILLIAM FORD born ca. 1855 in AR.

cherry.gif (992 bytes)ANGELINE FORD born May 1857 and married FRANK McCLENDON/McCLELLAN. Angeline lives in last years of life in Litteral/Harmon community, Washinton County Ark. and maybe in Mulberry, Ark.

**There may be more children unaccounted for.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) vi.  ROBINSON FORD, born 1835 in Grassy Cove , Bledsoe county, TN and died 18 April 1914 in Anderson township, Benton County, Ark.  He is sometimes listed as Robert.  Robinson died 18 Apr 1914 in Benton County Ark at the home of his niece, Mrs. Hugh Blair.  (Have 2 obits on him and in one it states he was born a short distance from Richmond, Va. but believe this data applies to his father's birthplace area). He is buried in Hart Cemetery, Benton County. He left Arkansas to go to Oregon to fight in the Indian Wars. He married 16 Jan 1856 to RACHEL SUSANNAH BIRD, born 28 Nov 1840 in Marshall County, Illinois, died 23 Oct 1922 in Oregon. She is buried in winona Cemetery in Tualatin, Oregon.  They had 8 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)HENRY R FORD born 2 Nov 1859

cherry.gif (992 bytes)LYDIA LOUISA FORD

cherry.gif (992 bytes)SHERMAN FORD born 1865

cherry.gif (992 bytes)ALLEN SHERIDAN FORD born 10 Sept. 1867

cherry.gif (992 bytes)MARY JO FORD

cherry.gif (992 bytes)HARRIET FORD

cherry.gif (992 bytes)ELLA FORD

cherry.gif (992 bytes)IONE FORD

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) vii.  ENOCH M. (possibly  MOSES) FORD,  born 1837/39 in Grassy Cove, Bledsoe county, TN.  Enoch probably died in Crawford County Ark. before 1888 when his father's estate is probated. He married abt. 1859 to FRANCES EVALENE(AVALENE) FORD who was born ca.1842 in Kentucky.  She may be or is related to COVINGTON family.  They lived in Crawford County in 1860/1870/1880 census.  They had at least 3 children:

cherry.gif (992 bytes)JOHN W FORD born Dec. 1859

cherry.gif (992 bytes)AMANDA (MANDA) FORD born 1862

cherry.gif (992 bytes)FRANCES E FORD born 1864

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) viii.  MARY FORD, born between 1840/46 in Grassy Cove, Bledsoe County, TN and probably died in Arkansas. She either married a FREDERICK or Charles LYNCH born in 1826 in Kentucky. They have one identified child and may have possibly also had a daughter named Mary.

cherry.gif (992 bytes) LEWIS LYNCH born Aug 1879 ,died 13 Jul 1904 in Stroud, Okla.

leafbullet.gif (1511 bytes) ix. ANTINELLA PRISSIVILL FORD, called "Nettie" was born in April 1848 in Tenn. Bledsoe County, died 15 Feb 1924 in Elm Springs Ark.  She was found dead in her bed.  Services were held at the Mt. Hebron Methodist Church in Colville, Ark. (The cemetery connected with this church is  where her parents are buried). She was married 27 Nov 1870 in Washington County, Ark. to EDWARD D. FLYNN, born ca. 1842, from New York.  Name sometimes spelled Flinn. They had 3 or 4 children, only one name known.

cherry.gif (992 bytes)IOLA FLYNN, born in Jan 1885.


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